18 August 2012

computer died, on vacation mode

...but with all sorts of crazy going on in general at Etsy (outages, rule changes, random testing, stupid wedding banner) I figured it was maybe time for a break.  First our internet was out - then it was on - then off.  Then the pc bit the dust.  Throw in a trip to the er for chest pains...something was telling me I should take a step back.  I'm not feeling well lately anyway.  Now the venue is telling us "chakra alignment" is considered medical information and it can't be mentioned?  Well, yes and no.  But if you don't believe in it then you shouldn't have to worry about it not working now should you? 

I love this :


Time to put up the borrowed laptop.  I'm going to go make some tension tamer tea.  I wonder if that's classified as a drug?