07 May 2012

pool bracelets

I started cleaning up our family "craft table" yesterday and I found these bracelets... among other things. I originally started making these years ago when I lived in this godawful apartment where the pool was almost always closed. I'd spend whole days at the pool when it was open and often took craft projects out with me. I remember giving these to some young Brazilian girls there one summer. I added the little skull bead to cover the wire wrapping on one a few months ago. I used a light-weight air dry clay since I didn't want to put anything in the oven. Not sure how he'll stand up to repeated wear. I gave him a couple coats of sealant but the material is still reminiscent of papier mache.


Bill Robertson said...

I want a bracelet. the blue, plum and white one on the bottom picture caught my eye. (second one from the bottom) I also like the skull. be a cool choker. keep guys in mind

ask your son what would be cool

adspain said...

Thanks Bill, I'd be happy to send you one - just email me your addy :) I've been trying to think of stuff for guys but I'm not great at it. I do look to Noah for inspiration. For his birthday I made him a necklace with a wire-wrapped Jasper arrowhead on an adjustable leather cord.