18 August 2012

computer died, on vacation mode

...but with all sorts of crazy going on in general at Etsy (outages, rule changes, random testing, stupid wedding banner) I figured it was maybe time for a break.  First our internet was out - then it was on - then off.  Then the pc bit the dust.  Throw in a trip to the er for chest pains...something was telling me I should take a step back.  I'm not feeling well lately anyway.  Now the venue is telling us "chakra alignment" is considered medical information and it can't be mentioned?  Well, yes and no.  But if you don't believe in it then you shouldn't have to worry about it not working now should you? 

I love this :


Time to put up the borrowed laptop.  I'm going to go make some tension tamer tea.  I wonder if that's classified as a drug?

19 May 2012

freakin me out, wearin a mask :)

Here are some little ceramic masks I've been working on for about 10 years. Ha. I never really thought of it that way until now. Like many things though, these hand-painted masks are one of those projects that I've started and stopped, started and stopped a few times over the past decade.

 The pattern on the Brick Face mask was probably drawn out in 2002 or 2003 but I just painted it yesterday. France says it's one of her favorites. It makes me think of a superhero with the power of invisibility blending into a wall. And Poison Ivy.

The Sugar Skull mask was done yesterday when I drank too much coffee.  Then I painted Captain America.  I know that's not really Captain America but after I got through with it I was like "Shit, that looks almost just like Captain America" - so that's what I ended up thinking of him as.

The black mask was done back in 2002 or 2003.  I chose a pretty basic pointillism technique, overlapping different shades of pastel markers.  The black is paint pen.
This blue lady and the green/amber lady in the group photo were both done in 2002 or 2003.  IIRC, I drew them out freehand with marker then went back over them with paint and sharpie.

07 May 2012

pool bracelets

I started cleaning up our family "craft table" yesterday and I found these bracelets... among other things. I originally started making these years ago when I lived in this godawful apartment where the pool was almost always closed. I'd spend whole days at the pool when it was open and often took craft projects out with me. I remember giving these to some young Brazilian girls there one summer. I added the little skull bead to cover the wire wrapping on one a few months ago. I used a light-weight air dry clay since I didn't want to put anything in the oven. Not sure how he'll stand up to repeated wear. I gave him a couple coats of sealant but the material is still reminiscent of papier mache.

07 February 2012

France's Spring Poem

17 April 2011
          blue morning
blossom s  smell  like  summer
only  wind  is  lyk  a  song
wild  blueberries r liquid y
a  I  see a  shower   has  passed
time 2 go inside

**this was made by my daughter with our magnetic poetry book last Spring.  I thought it was funny that the words Crack & Avenue were holding on the last bit of paper.  She's very creative.  My own little e.e. cummings.