31 December 2011

Auld Lang Syne

This was one of the gifts I gave my daughter for Christmas this year. I worked on it while she was at school or asleep at night. Then I crossed my fingers hoping she wouldn't sneak and peek through the colorful bag of yarn by my chair when I wasn't looking.

She became obsessed with Asian culture this year. She was particularly affected by the tragic earthquake and ensuing nuclear disasters in Japan. It reminded me of when I was her age and the Chernobyl accident happened. I started finding her watching the Japanese news. Then by summer she was into South Korean pop music. Her favorites being 2NE1 and Big Bang, if I'm not mistaken. I have to admit, I think the Piggy Dolls are a lot of fun.

This doll is made with 100% cotton yarn and crocheted amigurumi style. Her shoes, flower headband, kimono, and obi are removable. Eyes are small black plastic rounds with safety backs and mouth is a red felt heart. There's additional embroidery for eyelashes and the mouth.

My daughter is already requesting more clothes. I told her we can make them together :)

03 February 2011

Emily's birthday notebook

This is a journal/notebook I made for my niece's birthday. I used 2 layers of cardboard recycled from cereal boxes as the base for the front and back. I bound them by hand with 2" wide masking tape and then hand-sewed in several pages of heavy-duty drawing paper with yellow silk cord. I used the drawing paper because my niece is still young and I want her to have a little freedom with the book. If she wants to tape in photos, draw pictures, write - whatever.

2 different calico blue fabrics line the inside and outside covers. The photo on the front cover was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and is mounted on burlap and embroidered with glass beads at the edges. The journal closes with a baby blue lace ribbon tie.